Moved by our own artistic sensibility, we thought it was a great idea to create and develop a concept as a breather to modern life. At the same time, promoting the essentials of artistic expression. We are strong believers that artists are bred, not born and everyone carries their own art within.

It is only a matter of exploring ourselves, our abilites and determining the kind of artistic expression that moves our soul.

Our mission is to enable exploration, help artists grow and find their motivation. The electrifying sensation of being alive that is felt when performing cannot be verbalized; it has to be experienced.

We have very few requirements.
Just promise us you'll never adopt a foreign child as a fashion statement.

Life can be hectic and it's entertainment, shallow. It needs a countereffect. We dare you to experience true artistic freedom and realize the effect that expression thorugh art can have; whether you've been at this for a while, just beginning or hunger to find something new.

Our principles guide us to deliver entertainment that is valuable to the developing artist or the try-out artist and supports a social network of individuals that appreciate performing arts.

We have a passion for people and their artistic abilities.We will reach out to as many hidden artists as possible, in hopes of bringing back a well-rounded, spiritually intune and enlightened society.

For this reason, we've setup our Restaurant & Bar with a state-of-art facility for performances. Our endevour is to make this the home of everyone interested in developing their performance skill, backed by a great experience with fine dining, a vast variety of wines and great drinks.

One of the most studied aspects of performance, is performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety can significantly impact the quality of performance but specialized authors suggest that performers should learn to embrace this anxiety. It's healthy way to stimulate an eletrifying performance with genuine feeling. Nevertheless, anxiety can reach levels that impact negatively the quality of the performance, or even prevent it from happening. All specialists agree, a healthy and constructive environment is key towards managing anxiety.

The main identified sources of anxiety are criticism and the performer’s own doubts on his or her ability to deliver a quality presentation. There are a variety of techniques that can be used to manage anxiety: breathing, relaxation, positive thinking, affirmations, humor, good luck charms, etc.

These techniques can help all artists achieve the ultimate goal: an inner-peace sensation of delivering to the best of your ability.

A performer’s relationship with criticism must be based on managing fear or worries and not criticism itself. The means of embracing criticism and learning to differentiate between fair/constructive and than which is not; is called the ¨Separation¨ technique.

Separation refers to the performer understanding that self and performance are separate entities and everyone runs the risk of failing. Purpose and goals should be made aware in performing; thinking positively and separating any fears or worries. An artist learns and makes progress by trial and error.

Attempting to be perfect in performing, or the anxiety brought by the attempt to control absolutely everything, are symptoms of this situation. The best way to address it is by following a process based on rationally defined goals. Set goals that are challenging but achievable. Be realistic about expectations on delivery and use the audience’s reaction and feedback to measure success on such goals.

The best performances are achieved when there is a balance between discipline in practice and the performer’s self liberation in the act. A certain level of tension brings electricity to performances.

When the audience’s feedback is not only taste-based criticism, but also includes suggestive and constructive concepts, that is when a performer can really understand how to further develop and improve their art.

The performer/audience relationship becomes critical.